My Health Journey—“Baby steps”

By Jim Lamb

 Lost just a smidge more than 9 pounds since starting my OPTAVIA “Health Journey.” (In my mind, it’s a journey rather than a diet.)

 Like many other people, I’ve tried a slew of diets over the years—some successful; some not: Atkins, South Beach, Slim Fast, Mannix, Nutrisystem, etc. Lost weight on each. Sometimes even a bunch. But, best I can recall, getting healthy was never my prime motivating factor in any of them. Just wanted to lose weight; look better.

 Not so now.

 Not that I mind looking better. The before-after photos that my coach, Jennifer Barna Crouch, posted on Facebook were a big factor in getting my attention. But the OPTAVIA approach factored in a transition period for after I hit my weight goal—that impressed me. (I’d hit weight-loss goals before. Then BOOM, ballooned back to where I started. Nope, mere dieting was not what the doctored ordered.)

 This time I wanted things to be different; this time they had to be.

 Detect a hint of desperation in my voice?

 Hope so.

 In a few days I’m 72. That’s old by most standards. (My Dad died at 59, so I feel like I’m living on borrowed time.)

 How many chances do I expect, not having ever taken care of my health in any meaningful way. The result: I’m at a “Now-or-never” crossroad: Do it or it does not happen. Period.

 So here we are. Three weeks in. Taking baby-steps. Down 9 pounds. My wife, down 12.2. We’re feeling better. Looking better. Plus, by taking this Health Journey together, we’re talking more. Encouraging each other. Running the race in tandem. Heading off into the sunset.

 As Humphrey Bogart quipped in Casablanca, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

I couldn’t agree more.

 Until next time, take care, God bless.