My Health Journey—7-11

By Jim Lamb

 When “My Health Journey” with OPTAVIA began, “health” was the focus. As those old preachers used to say, “I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

 Why health? Because other times I dieted it was to lose weight. Period. Great goal, right? You’d think so. Except for one thing: When I’d reach my ideal weight, I went back to eating the same old way. Result: Pounds piled back on—usually more than were lost.

 That’s how I ended up on my way to weighing 400 pounds.

 Something had to change. But first there had to be a spark. An inciting incident. A whack between the eyes. Something that would grab my attention and give me a slim, glimmer of hope. 

 What was it?

 Facebook—actually an image on Facebook.  Two in fact. Of Jennifer Barna Crouch. One “before”; the other, “after.”

 Jennifer was smiling in both.

 I’d met Jennifer at First Baptist-Elfers some years back. She updates the church’s Facebook page; I update its website. 

 What struck me in the photos? In the “after,” Jennifer looked happier. Younger. The difference was striking.

 “What’s that about?” I wondered.

 Later, Jennifer posted other before-after images: Men. Women. Couples. All looked younger and happier—as if they’d been sprinkled with pixie dust from Pleasantville. 

 Somewhere along the way, I picked up on the word OPTAVIA.

 “Gotta get me summa that,” I thought.

 And I did—after talking with Jennifer and hearing her story. Told my wife about it, too. We made a decision: Jo-Lynn and I would give this OPTAVIA thing a shot.

Soon, two large boxes showed up on our door-step. Right before Christmas. Opened them up. Checked out the goodies inside: Soup. Shakes. Snacks. Breakfast bars. Brownies. Books. 

 And one more thing: Hope.

 Eleven days ago I started with OPTAVIA. Since then I’ve lost seven pounds. Seven pounds in 11 days. 7-11. Not a bad start. But that’s just the side benefit. My real goal is to get healthy—and I feel positive about my chances of getting there.

 What an interesting journey this promises to be. Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps. And I plan to share each step with you. Including before-and-after photos—once I drop a pile o’ pounds. (Oh, boy. Can’t wait.)

 Until next time, take care, God bless.