My Health Journey—“Sweet Nothin's”

By Jim Lamb

 No candy. No cookies. No cake.  No bites, bits, or crumbs. None. First Christmas in a long time. (Maybe ever.) What’d ya think of that, Santa? Does that put me on the nice list? I think so. I think so.

 When my wife Jo-Lynn and I recently told our doctor that we planned to start a diet (a health program, really) right before the holidays, she was a bit suspect.  But we figured, “Why add another five pounds to the weight we already had to lose?” Right? Right.

 Smart move.

 As of today, Day 8 on the OPTAVIA program, my lovely wife has dropped 8.2 pounds. Me? Down by 5.

 Like they say in the Marines, “Ooh-rah!”

 Back in 1959, Brenda Lee sang a popular little ditty called “Sweet Nothin's."

 Went like this:

 “My baby whispers in my ear.

(Mmmm sweet nothin's.)

He knows the things I like to hear.

(Mmmm sweet nothin's.)”

 Thanks to OPTAVIA, it looks like my wife and I will be whispering lots of  “Sweet Nothin's” in the days and weeks ahead—and I don’t mean candy, cookies, or cake.  No way. No how. Instead we’re tasting sweet victory—and, my o’ my, it’s hmmmm-hmmmm good. You should try it . . .

 Until next time, take care, and God bless.