BLOG: Ba-da-boom!

South Korea Executes Defense Minister—With an Anti-Aircraft Gun

I’m not saying Hyon Yong Chol, South Korea’s former defense minister, didn’t deserve to die.  He was, after all, accused of treason. But did the four-star General, a member of that communist country’s leadership team, deserve to be taken out with an an anti-aircraft gun? (Hyon’s not just dead. He’s “Ding-dong the witch is dead” dead.) Make’s me think back to the brou-ha-ha last year over “The Interview,” a film that portrayed young Kim Jong Un as a dufus; turns out the movie may have been kind. What were Hyon’s high-crimes and misdemeanors? For one thing, he nodded off during a meeting organized by his Supreme Commander. (I think we’ve all been there, once or twice.) Anyway, here’s the CNN story, so you don’t think I made this up, which I couldn’t have, even if I’d tried. — LINK