BLOG: Déjà Vu All Over Again

'The Book Is Well-written and Well-edited'

Compliments abound. My wife likes Orange Socks & Other Colorful Tales. Why wouldn’t she? I’m her smoochy-woochy. (“Woo-Woo!”) My children like it. Of course they do. They love me, “ergo,” etc. But David Willson? He ain’t my Mama. He ain’t my Papa.  He ain’t even my Bro by another Mo. He’s a legit reviewer.  For "The VVA Veteran." (VVA stands for Vietnam Veterans of America.) And he said, “Lamb writes elegantly and modestly of his experiences.” Pardon me for the jiggy-wiggy in my step. For my chin pushed forward. For my uppity-whupity attitude. I’m a writer. And author. Thanks, David. I’ll be OK mañana. When my “big head” deflates to normal. — LINK